Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snake Karma

Two snakes have been terrorizing me in the yard and garage this summer. They violated my sense of safety by showing up in well-trodden places and freaking me out. This is after having two previous occurrences of a snake falling out of the overhead garage door folds onto and near my shoulder. I still get the heebie jeebies when opening the rear garage door.

In the spirit of aversion therapy, I warily watched one snake reposition itself on the cinder blocks near the rear of the garage while I cleaned the mower. Eventually, it tucked its body inside the blocks, but laid its head over a fold and watched me. The pose looked just like how Carl used to hold his head on his paws and watch me. Slowly, my fear turned to wistfulness and pity for the poor, frightened snake. After killing all those woodchucks and squirrels and rabbits and birds, and getting aggressive with some dogs, maybe it was him returned in a form befitting karmic justice.

It was a good visit.

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