Friday, October 31, 2008

Round Valley Roundabout

Round Valley was the scene of the endless Sunfish sailing weekends. Today was a refreshing tramp along the Water and Pine trails, watching the glittering water surface glinting and whipping up with little wind gusts. A few dogs were allowed to splash and zip around. An osprey dove for fish right near the fishermen's lines along the shore. He/she came up clutching empty air. What were those ducks?? Reviewing Sibley was inconclusive, but I think they might have been a couple dozen first-year adult Lesser Scaup. They were all completely black/dark gray/brown with the head a touch darker. The bill was gray, like a Wigeon's. They did seem like they were diving to feed, so they were probably Lesser Scaup. I'm confused. Shoulda had the Canon along...

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